Treatments and prices

We offer massages, facials and other treatments with your main concerns in our focus. 
If you have further questions about our treatments or ingredients, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Massage : Choose between specifik areas, half or full body. Soft relaxig pressure, classic swedish, medical or fast sports massage.
Relaxing - Softest pressure for the stressed body.
Classic Swedish - Medium pressure massage with long strokes. Pressure adjusted to your liking.
Medical - Pressure is adjusted to your liking. To solve specific problems we use trigger point treatment.
Sports massage - Fast movements to reach the deep muscle tissues to start the blood circulation.

Facials : All below is including cleanse, scrub, mask and the right type of creams specific for your skintype. Feel free to choose if you would like steam and blackhead extractions. Works for all skin types and most skin issues. Deep cleanse so that the creams can work from the deeper layers of the skin.
Get results right away!  If possible, do come without make-up so we can focus more on the treatment, rather than removing heavy make-up.
Haute Couture - Double cleanse and focus on oily, dry, irritated, red or combined skin. Facial massage included and collagen gel to bind the collagen and elacticity in your skin. Finishing with an eye gel. 
V-tox 02 - Continuing from Haute Couture but adding oxygen treatment with compressed clean oxygen to allow the creams working even deeper. V-tox cream that's applied twice, that will help lift and reducing fine lines and wrinkles with help from ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E and green tea.

Addons : Any of these are perfect to add to ANY treatment we offer at the spa. If possible, do come without make-up so we can focus more on the treatment, rather than removing heavy make-up. 
Blackhead extractions - If you prefer longer time to remove blackheads on your body in a facial or if you want it with your massage.
HA-mask - Fruit acid mask that will feed your skin with moisturising at a deep level of your skin. Renewing your elasticity and acts lifting. Perfect before the party, wedding or to just do a fast refreshing glow. This mask alone will keep the effect for about 7 days.
Collagen mask - To boost your collagen that keeps all the cells in line and to help the skins renewal. Perfect after tanning or red/irritated skin with fine lines and wrinkles. This mask alone will keep the effect for 3-4 days.
Oxygen boost - Compressed clean oxygen with oxygen serum to boost the energy in the skin and give a glow and sense of deep cleanse. Also wrinkles will reduce because of the oxygen that works from the inside out.


30 min - 400 SEK
45 min - 500 SEK
60 min - 650 SEK
90 min - 900 SEK

Haute Couture 60 min - 1000 SEK
V-tox 90 min - 1300 SEK

Addons and mini treatments
(Book with another treatment or alone as a quickfix)
Blackhead extractions 20 min ** - 80 SEK 
Collagenmask 20 min * - 160 SEK
HA-mask 20 min * - 170 SEK   
Oxygen boost 20 min ** - 300 SEK
Oxygen boost deluxe 35 ** min - 450 SEK
* takes no extra time in facials because its switched from another mask.
** will take 5 min shorter in a facial because no make-up removal is needed. 

Full body treatments (Moisturiser applications is included)
(coming soon!)

Glow - 30 min - 400 SEK
- Scrub 30 min

Shine - 60 min - 650 SEK
- Scrub 30 min
- Mask 30 min

Renew - 90 min - 900 SEK
- Scrub 30 min
- Mask 30 min
- Massage 30 min

Reborn - 120 min - 1200 SEK
- Scrub 30 min
- Mask 30 min
- Massage 60 min

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